Due to the COVID-19 situation all routine appointments are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

However, if you require spares or repairs please phone, text or email on yais.helpline@bthft.nhs.uk and we will endeavor to help. Medical emergencies remain the same; ring the main YAIS number and we will help. There is information for an out of hours service on this number also.


If you have a child or teenager starting or considering a cochlear implant, this part of the website is for you and your family. It explains the whole cochlear implant process for children and young people. There are three steps involved in cochlear implantation. These steps are: assessment - … [Read more...]

The Operation

The cochlear implant operation is performed under a general anaesthetic, which means the patient will be asleep. This is what happens during the operation itself. a small area of hair behind the ear may be shaved - this will grow back later a cut is made behind the ear a small bed is … [Read more...]

Programming and Rehabilitation (adults)

At about one month after the operation adults will receive initial programming of their speech processor and a course of rehabilitation.  These appointments are typically carried out at the centre over the first year following surgery.  This involves seven to eight visits to the Yorkshire Auditory … [Read more...]

Assessment (adults)

The Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service thoroughly assesses each adult referred to determine whether they would be a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant. The length of the assessment varies depending on each individual. During the course of the assessment adults meet the ENT Consultant, Speech … [Read more...]


An adult considering a cochlear implant will first be referred to the Cochlear Implant Surgeon by either their General Practitioner or as a subsequent referral by their local ENT Consultant. There are certain factors which must be considered before a adult is referred to us as a suitable … [Read more...]


The process involves the patient and their family working with our team of dedicated professionals in the hospital and at home. This demands a high level of commitment from all concerned. In order to support each family in Yorkshire and the North of England effectively, we forge close links between … [Read more...]