Due to the COVID-19 situation all routine appointments are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

However, if you require spares or repairs please phone, text or email on yais.helpline@bthft.nhs.uk and we will endeavor to help. Medical emergencies remain the same; ring the main YAIS number and we will help. There is information for an out of hours service on this number also.


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Bradford Royal Infirmary Site

Here is a map of the Bradford Royal Infirmary site. The Listening for Life Centre is number 44 on the Plan and to the right marked in blue. You can download the BRI Site Plan as a PDF. … [Read more...]


The Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service (YCIS) was established at the Bradford Royal Infirmary in 1990. YCIS has developed nationally recognised programmes for assessing children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss. To date we have successfully completed nearly 900 adult and paediatric … [Read more...]

What We Need

We have come a long way in the last three years, together with the support from Bradford Royal Infirmary we have created a centre of excellence. The new Listening For Life Centre which is pivotal for YCIS. We manage the assessment of the young babies, children and adults referred to us with severe … [Read more...]

Sponsor A Plaque Appeal – Just Giving Donations

You can make a donation to the Ear Trust using the Just Giving website. Go to www.justgiving.com/eartrust/donate. This is a secure way of making a donation. It also gives us valuable added Gift Aid if you are a tax payer and allows you tax relief if you are a higher rate Tax payer. Sponsor a … [Read more...]

Listening For Life Appeal

The Ear Trust continues to support YCIS and other units both inside and outside of the hospital. The Trustees would like to thank all who have helped with fund raising. The Listening for Life Appeal has helped us build our new centre. The Ear Trust needs your continued support to buy and maintain … [Read more...]

How You Can Help

Our aim is to raise funds to provide equipment and expertise to maximise the effectiveness of the screening and support programmes. Your generosity can help us to help the deaf in many ways. For example, you could: make gifts of toys which assist with testing - some cost as little as £15 help us … [Read more...]


The diagram below shows how our children improve both their listening skills over time after receiving their cochlear implants. Most children reach identified targets within an expected time scale. Pre-implant the majority of children are not aware of environmental sounds. After 3 years implant use … [Read more...]