BCHD Referral Pathway (Banner)

Referral Pathway

The Service welcomes referrals for consideration for a Bone Conducted devise for patients who have a range of hearing losses that may be conductive, mixed or sensorineural. The service includes assessment, implantation and lifelong follow-up for recipients.

All referrals should be sent to:
Audiology Department
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust BD9 6RJ

Once a referral has been reviewed an assessment appointment will be made with one of the Audiology team.

The appointment may include:

  • Discussions about your hearing loss and reasons for referral
  • An assessment of your hearing
  • Assessment of your current hearing aid(s) if you have any
  • Discussions regarding the Hearing device options available including how they work
  • A trial with one or more devices

One the Audiological assessment has been completed an appointment will be made for the Combined BCHD Clinic with and ENT Specialist/Consultant and Audiologist to discuss results of audiological assessment, arrange further investigations (including scans) and discuss what devices may be suitable.