The Team

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals aim to provide a quality patient centred service.

Here is a quick guide to some of the people you may meet and what they do.

YAIS/Cochlear Implant  Team


Consultant ENT Surgeons

  • Professor C H Raine Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • Mr D R Strachan Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • Mr M I J Khan Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • Mr Simon Carr Consultant ENT Surgeon

Head of Service

  • Jane Martin Head of Service & Advisory Teacher of the Deaf

Administrative Team

  • Gillian Cowan Office Manager
  • Ann El’abdli Receptionist/ Administration Clerk
  • Barbara Henry Administration Clerk/Receptionist
  • Manjit Garcha Administration Clerk/Receptionist

Clinical Scientists (Audiology)

  • Catherine Totten Principal Clinical Scientist (Audiology) – Lead Scientist
  • Sally Harman Clinical Scientist (Audiology)
  • Kirsty Waite Senior Audiologist
  • Samantha Travers Audiological Scientist
  • Catherine Killan Audiological Scientist
  • Annie Woolley Audiological Scientist

Audiologist Assistant

  • Andy Dearnley Technical Support
  • Shazia Begum Audiology Officer/Assistant Healthcare

Advisory Teachers of the Deaf (TODs)

  • Angela Cordingley
  • Jane Martin
  • Joanne Smith
  • Jeni Bickley

Principal Speech & Language Therapists

  • Jillian Ridgwell (Adults)
  • Liz Hamilton (Children)
  • Helen Peebles (Children) – Lead Rehabilitationist

Rehabilitation Support Worker

  • Naseem Hussain