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What is a Bone Conducting Hearing Device (Banner)

What is a BCHD

A Bone Conduction Hearing Device is a hearing aid that works by directly stimulating the inner ear via vibrations of the skull thereby bypassing any problems there may be with the outer or middle ear.

They are normally considered for people who cannot utilise or obtain significant benefit from conventional acoustic hearing aids.
There are several types of Bone Conduction Implants which can be categorised as.

Non Implantanted
In these devices the Auditory Processor transmits sound via the skin. The most common of these are Ear level devices that are worn via a headband or softband.

These can be divided further into those that have an abutment that is embedded in the skull and protrudes through the skin which is then attached to the sound processor (Cochlea BAHA and Oticon Ponto), and those that are embedded in the skull with the Sound Processor siting on the skin and kept on place via magnets (Sophono Alpha, Cochlea Attract and Bonebridge).

Abutment based system
Abutment based system
Non-abutment based system
Non-abutment based system